My experiences with feedback roulette

Posted   on Friday, August 12 - 2011 (452 words)

Feedback Roulette is awesome. The page reviews are honest and detailed. Here are a few comments I received so far:

The site is slow, not sure if it’s my connection, but response time is high.

This tip helped me dig a little deeper into SEO (despite I passionately hate the term). I’ve minified the CSS and Javascript files, used spriting and am now using a CDN, namely Cloudflare.

Was expecting the penguin to click and lead me to the home page.

This was a quick and easy fix that can be done in a couple of minutes. I didn’t realize that and was happy when somebody pointed it out.

On your movies page you could link to Amazon with an affiliate code, that way if people buy the movie on amazon you get some money.

I see where this is coming from but on my private homepage I’m not out for the quick buck. I was thinking about creating a wiki for the genre, though.

“Projects” areas are always tough when you when you only have a few active projects. May be add a github activity feed.

Since then I’ve added some more projects but the activity stream is definitely something to think about.

The site doesn’t load quite right in Opera. It’s hard to explain, but above the link for “Blog” it says “Blog” again in another box. This box stays across all the other pages (but it’s always “Blog”).

This behaviour is quite weird. Until now I couldn’t find out what causes it. It may well be an Opera bug but since I’m not an Opera user and this is a tiny private homepage I didn’t bother too much.

The links appear on the right-hand side and then the search box appears, pushing them to the left.

The “pushing” is caused by an ajax call to Google search: As soon as the search script got loaded, the search box gets added to the DOM. Naturally the solution was pretty simple. I swapped the search box and the links.

I think the text in the articles should be a bit smaller, I just find it slightly too large for a lot of reading.

I like big text. Nevertheless I had to admit that it was just a little too big.

All these comments came from real users and it would have been hard to find such responses by asking my friends. So the bottom line is this: If you have a little webdesign project and want some quick user reviews without all the hassle of A/B testing, Feedback Roulette may be what you are looking for.

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